Gem 561 1W: コンパクトなフォーム・ファクターの高効率かつ高出力のイエロー・レーザーをお探しですか?

超精密なTEM00ビーム仕様を備えた、市場をリードするパワーであるgem 561 1 Wをご覧ください。これにより、単一分子局在顕微鏡法のこの重要な波長での均一なエネルギー分布またはタイト・フォーカスが可能になります。

Gems novel power delivery architecture and innovative wall plug efficiency delivers two additional benefits. Including, the elimination of complex cooling systems, and a significant reduction in the effects of power loss through heat transfer. In addition, the gem range is synonymous with reliability. With long term warranty cover and global remote dial-in connection support as standard, you can be assured that a Laser Quantum laser from Novanta is designed for the most demanding, continuous use OEM applications.  For all your super resolution microscopy needs from 473 nm to 640 nm, contact us today.


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Novanta is a trusted technology partner to medical and industrial OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Additionally, Novanta holds deep proprietary expertise in photonics, vision and precision motion technologies. We engineer mission-critical core components and subsystems that deliver extreme precision and performance.  This enabling our customers to improve productivity, to achieve breakthrough performance and to enhance people’s lives.

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Additionally, our highly engineered component and sub-system solutions, and deep expertise in advanced photonics, vision and precision motion make us the global technology partner of choice for medical and advanced industrial OEMs.

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