Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Advancements in laser sources, beam delivery, controllers and software deliver greater cost efficiency with added flexibility to pursue new battery designs.

About Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing

Laser processing offers higher levels of precision, flexibility, and adaptability for cutting, welding, surface structuring, and cleaning processes as compared to traditional methods. Advancements in laser sources, beam delivery, controllers/software deliver cost efficiencies and flexibility enabling battery manufacturers to pursue new designs.

As demand for lithium-ion batteries grow Novanta is in a unique position to work with manufacturers, offering laser processing solutions at both the component level and purpose-built sub-system solutions. Our well-know product brands include Cambridge Technology beam delivery systems, Laser Quantum solid state continuous wave and ultrafast lasers, and Synrad high performance CO2 lasers that deliver:

Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturing Can Include:
  • Micron level precision for cutting, drilling, perforating, and surface processing applications
  • Complete processing area and pattern flexibility with 2-axis, 3-axis, multi-axis, and polygon laser scan heads
  • Flexible system integrations incorporating critical core laser system components, including galvanometers, galvanometer sets, resonant scanners, servo drivers, and multiple laser sources
  • Powerful laser controller and software solutions incorporate proprietary algorithms to deliver controls and features for application-specific jobs